Open letter to event attendees

October 19, 2010

Dear event attendees:

On behalf of the "The Visit 2010" executive committee, I want to apologize to any guest who had difficult hearing all or a part of the events over the past few days.  While careful preparation was done to provide equal and even sound coverage throughout the venue, we became aware that certain areas of the arena were not receiving adequate coverage, and that His Holiness' unique vocal pattern and range were proving more difficult than expected  to reproduce in this seating configuration, different from the 2007 room layout.

During and after the first event, many changes were made to the system including the addition and repositioning of speakers, turning off the air conditioning system,  and the fine tuning of the audio system.  Despite those efforts, and compounded by His Holiness' heavy accent and sometimes very soft voice, there were still some guests who were unable to clearly understand the words being said.

In the next few days, we will begin posting the full event videos, free of charge, on the web.  We will be offering all of the public events (with the exception of some elements of the Compassion Meditation Conference if/when we do not receive clearance from a particular presenter).  In editing these videos, we are able to "sweeten" the sound and make it as clear as possible. We are also beginning the process of transcribing the videos which will also be provided free of charge on this website.

We hope that listening to these videos will help to fill in any gaps that you may have had with your event experience.  We hope that you enjoyed the experience of being part of a large community gathered to witness these events, and now hope that you will be able to obtain the specific information presented.  Again, we apologize that, for some, it was not possible to do both at the venue itself.

Best regards,

Michael Kloss